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The King’s Students’ Union (KSU) is an organization comprising all the students attending King’s College. Its purpose is to democratically represent the will of the students, to advocate for them and to provide services to them.

At the University level, the KSU has seats on the Board of Governors and on many committees, where Union members advocate for student concerns. The Union also works with the administration of the University to improve the quality of education and students’ access to it.

Every King’s student is also a member of the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS). The CFS is the voice of Canada’s student movement. The organization works locally, provincially, and nationally toward the elimination of barriers to quality post-secondary education that exist as a result of financial need, gender, race, sexual orientation, regional disparity, or any other barriers. Their activities include education and awareness campaigns, lobbying government representatives, and political action. The CFS is also affiliated with other social justice organizations in Halifax, in Nova Scotia, and across the country.

The services provided by the KSU include a Health and Dental Plan, free menstrual and sexual health products, a healthy active living program, and Orientation Week and Graduation Week activities. The Union also funds over 40 student-run societies and committees. Finally, the Union operates two student-owned businesses on campus: the HMCS Wardroom (the campus bar), and the King’s Galley (a locally-sourced café).

The Union is accountable to its members at General Meetings: open forums held at least once a term where every member has an equal vote and the right to participate in direct democracy. Between General Meetings, the Council of Students acts as the governing body of the Union. Council meetings take place every two weeks and are open to all Union members, but only the 15 elected councillors may vote. On a day-to-day basis, the KSU is run by the Executive, five students elected in February to the posts of President, Student-Life Vice-President, Financial Vice-President, External Vice-President, and Communications Vice-President. The Executive sit on Council and hold five office hours every week in the KSU office.

King’s Students’ Union (2022-2023)
Local 11 of the Canadian Federation of Students

Please refer to the website,, for full details of positions held.

KSU Societies and Resource Centres
The KSU supports, funds and promotes a collection of student-run societies every year. Societies are groups on campus that are open to all students, and allow them to unite around common goals and interests. Every year, societies host incredible events, publish journals or zines, and foster community among King’s students. We make it easy for students to start or join societies and create the spaces they want to see on King’s campus. Current societies include the King’s Theatrical Society, PRIDE Society, and King’s Dance Collective.

Societies may ratify (become official societies with the ability to request KSU funding) by submitting a ratification package to the Student Life Vice-President, which will then be approved at the following Council meeting. For any questions about the ratification process, email

Resource Centres are also supported by the KSU. Differently from societies, resources centres are safer meeting spaces, information and knowledge sources, and peer support networks within the university community for members of groups who have been identified as traditionally oppressed by society. For the safety of members, these spaces may be closed, with only members of relevant group being members of the resource centre. Proposals for new resource centres will be accepted up to a week and a half prior to KSU General Meetings, and will be approved at the meeting. More information on societies and resource centres may be found in
the KSU Bylaws, at

KSU Health and Dental Plan
As members of the KSU, all full-time students (3 classes or more) at the University of King’s College are automatically enrolled in Greenshield Canada’s health and dental insurance plan. The fee for the health plan is levied as a part of the King’s Students’ Union fees, and is collected on behalf of the KSU by the University.

The extended health and dental insurance plan supplements each student’s provincial health care plan, and covers the student from September 1 to August 31 of the year in which they are enrolled. It provides coverage for prescription drugs and extended health care benefits, including but not limited to eyeglasses and exams, physiotherapy, massage therapy, naturopathy, medical appliances, dental accident benefits, and ambulance coverage, at a rate of 80% reimbursement. Other benefits include travel insurance and accidental death insurance. Students also have the option of enrolling spouses or family members by paying an additional coverage fee. These benefits represent only a portion of the services provided by the plan. For more details, download the coverage booklet at

If a student is covered under a comparably comprehensive plan (i.e., that of parents or guardians), they have the option to opt-out of the KSU health plan and be reimbursed for the health plan fee. The KSU’s opt-out process is conducted online through the Dalhousie website at The opt-out deadline is in September, and always occurs on the same day that tuition and other University fees are due (usually three weeks from the beginning of Fall term courses). After this date in September, no late opt-outs will be accepted. For information concerning enrolling a spouse or family members, opting out of the plan, or joining the health plan in January, students should contact the KSU office within two weeks of the start of courses to obtain the necessary forms and deliver the required documentation.

The Services and Campaigns Coordinator, an employee of the Union, also acts as the Health Plan Administrator, and can provide additional information regarding the details of the plan, its benefits and exclusions. The Services and Campaigns Coordinator maintains regular office hours, which are posted outside the KSU office. Contact the Service and Campaigns Coordinator by emailing or calling the KSU at (902) 429-3399.


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