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Office Hours:

Monday to Friday
9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

All King’s students pay their tuition fees at King’s through the King’s Student Accounts Office. In addition, all students living in a King’s residence pay residence fees through the King’s Student Accounts Office.

King’s students applying for a student loan must have the loans made out to the University of King’s College as the official Institution of Record.

NOTE: Students are responsible for keeping their accounts current. Students may obtain information on their student account online, by phone, or in person at the Student Accounts Office. Student statement notifications are sent electronically to the student’s official university email account in the fall and winter. Statements will not be mailed.

Correspondence to students will be through the student’s official university email account.

Students are to refer to the “Important Dates” section to obtain the term tuition and fee due date.

Disclosure of Students’ Financial Information

Student Accounts is often asked by parents and others to disclose financial information surrounding a student’s account so they can make accurate payments. Our policy is to protect the confidentiality of all information pertaining to our students, including detailed financial records and account balances. If you wish to grant permission for your financial information to be released to a third party (such as a parent), we require that you send an email from your official university email account to: accounts@ukings.ca. Please include your name, your Student ID number, and the name and email address of the third party (individual or organization) to whom you wish to disclose your account information. The authorization will remain active until you contact our office to have it removed. Please note: Student Accounts will not initiate contact with a third party.

I. Introduction

The following section of the calendar outlines the University Regulations on academic fees for both full-time and part-time students enrolled in programs of study during the Fall and Winter terms. Students wishing to register for a Summer term should consult the Dalhousie University Summer Academic Timetable for information on registration dates and fees.

Information about King’s residence and housing fees is included at the end of the “Fees” section.

Students should make special note of the “Academic Dates” section.

Fees are subject to change by approval of the University of King’s College Board of Governors in June.

Students should also be aware that additional late fees and interest will be charged when deadlines for payment of tuition and fees as contained herein are not met.

II. General Regulations

The following general regulations are applicable to all payments made to the University in respect of fees:

  • Methods of payment include cash, debit card, negotiable cheque, money order or bill payment. International students can pay by Western Union through Dalhousie University.
  • Money transferred to a student’s account should not exceed the annual charges associated with tuition and fees.
  • If payment is by cheque and returned by the bank as non-negotiable, there will be an additional fee of $20 and the account will be considered unpaid. Furthermore, if the bank returns a cheque that was to cover the payment of tuition, late fees will apply, and the student’s registration may be cancelled.
  • Accounts in arrears must be paid prior to registration in a future term
A. Deposits

1. Admission Deposit
A non-refundable admission deposit of $200 is payable on acceptance to all new programs. Undergraduate students admitted by the third week of April are required to pay the deposit by May 15. Undergraduate students accepted after the third week of April must pay the deposit within three weeks of receiving an offer of admission. Graduate students must pay the deposit within three weeks of receiving an offer of admission.

The admission deposit will be credited toward fees at the time of registration.

B. Registration

A student is considered registered after registration in courses.

Registration in courses is deemed to be an agreement by the student for the payment of all assessed fees unless the student withdraws from the course(s) on or before the term due date, in which case the Refund Schedule policy applies.

Non-attendance does not constitute withdrawal. Students must ensure that they withdraw from all courses.

C. Health Insurance

Please refer to section “P. King’s Incidental Fees”.

D. Academic Fees

Current fees are available at ukings.ca. Fees and program estimates for the coming academic year are posted as soon as they are available.

NOTE: Students registered in more than one degree program are required to pay separate academic fees for each program. Additional course specific auxiliary fees may apply, as well as fees for online courses or programs related to distance delivery.

E. Payment

All King’s students may pay all of their fees at the King’s Student Accounts Office, located in the Bursar’s Office.

Students may view their account by accessing dalonline.dal.ca.

Full tuition fees and, if applicable, residence costs must be paid in full on or before the term tuition and fee due date specified to avoid late fees and interest charges. Refer to section “J. Delinquent Accounts” for more details.

The following regulations apply to the payment of academic fees. For further information on regulations regarding withdrawal of registration, please refer to “I. Course Changes, Refunds and Withdrawals”.

  • All students must pay the applicable deposits in accordance with “A. Deposits” above.
  • Those holding external scholarships or funding must provide the Student Accounts Office with documentation of the scholarship or award from the granting organization on or before the tuition and fee term due date.
  • Students who are fully funded must have the external organization complete the Third-Party Billing Information form on or before the term tuition and fee term due date. This form can be found online and must be submitted each academic year.
  • Those paying the balance of their student account with a Student Loan must ensure their loan payment is negotiated or before the term due date for tuition and fees (and, if applicable, residence costs). After this date, the late fees and interest charges policy will apply.
  • When a Student Loan or co-payable payment is presented at the King’s Student Accounts Office, any unpaid academic fees, and/or residence fees will be deducted.
  • Those whose fees are paid by a University of King’s College faculty/staff tuition fee waiver must present the approved waiver form and pay applicable incidental fees by the term tuition and fee due date. A new form is required at the start of each academic school year.
  • University of King’s College awards are split and applied against fees owing to the University per term.
  • Part-time and visiting students will be charged part-time incidental fees. Please refer to the fee schedule online.
  • Those who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents, 65 years of age or over and enrolled in an undergraduate non-professional degree program in Arts, Social Sciences or Science, will have their tuition fees waived but must pay applicable incidental fees. The waiver form is available online. Students must notify the Student Accounts Office on or before the term due date to have the waiver initiated.
  • Any payments received will be applied to monies owing to the university.
F. Exchange Students

Outbound exchange students whose fees are paid to the University of King’s College will be assessed tuition and fees for 15 credit hours per term in their faculty.

G. International Students

Students registering in programs at the University of King’s College who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents are also required to pay the “International Tuition Fee”. The International Tuition Fee can be found at ukings.ca. There is a proportional charge for part-time international students. If a student receives landed immigrant status, the International Tuition Fee will not be assessed for the current term and beyond. To process a retroactive reimbursement of the International Tuition Fee in a current term, proof of residency must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office prior to the last working business day of December, April or August for each term.

For more information, please refer to section “P. King’s Incidental Fees”.

H. Audit Courses

All students auditing a course pay one-half of the regular tuition fee, plus auxiliary fees if applicable. In such cases, the student is required to complete the regular registration process. In the School of Journalism, workshop courses are not available for audit. Some Journalism courses in Lecture/Tutorial format may be available for auditing. Consult with the School of Journalism for details.

A student registered to audit a course who during the session wishes to change the registration to credit must change to credit before the last day to change from audit to credit (or vice versa), as shown in the table of Course Add/Drop dates in this calendar, and pay any difference owing. The same deadline applies for changing from credit to audit.

I. Course Changes, Refunds and Withdrawals

Please consult King’s Student Accounts for all financial charges and the Registrar’s Office for academic regulations.

Refund Conditions

A refund of fees will not be granted unless the following conditions are met:

  • The student withdraws from the course(s) on or before the term due date. Non-attendance does not constitute withdrawal so please ensure courses are dropped. Refunds due to course withdrawals will be effective when a course is dropped online at http://www.dal.ca/online or when written notification is received at the Office of the Registrar. Students can contact the Student Accounts Office to obtain an account balance.
  • No refunds will be made for 30 days when payment has been made by personal cheque or 60 days for a cheque drawn on a bank outside of Canada.
  • A student who is dismissed from the University for any reason will not be entitled to a refund of fees.
  • Refunds will be made to the financial lender if a student has received a Government Student Loan and has changed their registration status.
  • No refund will be processed for account credits on tuition and fees paid for by staff tuition fee waiver until successful grades are posted.
  • No fee adjustment will be made for a student changing their degree or program after the term tuition and fee due date.
  • Refunds will not be issued unless requested by the student.
  • Refunds will be processed through direct deposit only and done on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Refunds will be prorated on fees paid by King’s scholarships, bursaries, and tuition waivers.
  • Refunds will be made to the external organization for students who are fully funded.
  • Refunds will not be authorized for a previous terms credit on account once future terms tuition and fees have been posted that result in an account balance owing.
  • The Refund schedule can be viewed online or obtained at the Student Accounts Office.
J. Delinquent Accounts

Accounts are considered delinquent when the balance of tuition and fees (and if applicable residence costs) have not been paid by the term due date. A late fee of $50.00 will be charged each term on delinquent accounts. A second $50.00 late fee will be applied in the month following the term due date on delinquent accounts. Interest at a rate set by the University will be charged weekly on delinquent accounts for the number of days overdue.

A student whose account is delinquent for more than 30 days will be denied University privileges including access to transcripts. The student will be reinstated upon payment of all outstanding amounts, including any late fees and interest charges assessed.

Students will not be permitted to register for another term or session until all outstanding accounts are paid. Subsequently, payments returned from one’s bank may result in the student being deregistered.

Students whose accounts are delinquent on May 15 will not be eligible, at the sole discretion of the University, to receive their degree parchment at the May Encaenia ceremony. For October graduation the date is September 1. Parchments and transcripts are held until full payment is received.

Accounts which become seriously delinquent may be placed on collection or further legal action may be taken against the individual. Students will be responsible for charges incurred as a result of such action.

K. Student Loans

Students planning to fund their studies through a Student Loan should apply online to their province at least two months before the start of the school term to ensure payment by the term tuition and fee due date. Students who wish to apply for a full time or part time student loan must apply to the student loan agency in their province of permanent residence, including students who are studying out of province. The University will deduct tuition and fees, and if applicable, residence charges from the loan at the time of disbursement. The late fees and interest charges policy applies if the loan is negotiated after the last day to pay fees for the Fall or Winter term. More student loan information can be found online at ukings.ca.

L. Tuition Tax Receipt

Tuition tax receipts (T2202) are available online only through DalOnline, ‘Web for Students’, at the end of February each year for the preceding calendar year. The amount of academic fees constituting a tuition tax credit is determined by Canada Revenue Agency.

M. Identification Cards

Every full- and part-time student should obtain an identification card upon registration and payment of proper fees. ID cards are issued by the DalCard Office, located at 6230 Coburg Road. ID cards validated for the September to April academic year remain valid until August 31st of that year.

There is a $15.00 fee to replace ID cards and a $15.00 fee to replace the UPass sticker. Payments are made at the DalCard Office only.

N. Fees for Transcripts

Official transcripts for undergraduate Journalism students may be requested at the King’s Registrar’s Office. Telephone requests will not be accepted. There is no charge for the transcript or for regular mail service, but the student is responsible for prepayment of the cost of any mailing charges in excess of regular mail.

Transcripts may be faxed from the Reception Desk at King’s; local fax calls are free, but there is a charge of $2.00 per page for long distance faxes. Transcripts will not be issued if any account with the University is overdue.

Transcripts for BA, BSc and graduate Journalism students are requested from and issued by Dalhousie University. Transcripts for undergraduate Journalism students are issued by the University of King’s College.

O. Parking on Campus

Parking on the King’s campus is severely limited; the spots that are available are allotted on a priority basis. Students are advised that they will not be able to obtain a parking permit.

P. King’s Incidental Fees

1. King’s Students’ Union Fee
King’s students in the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences and the Faculty of Science are required to pay the Dalhousie society fee for their faculty.

Students at King’s are required to pay the King’s Students’ Union Fee which, at the request of the King’s student body, is collected upon enrolment from each student. For more information, please see the “King’s Students’ Union” section of the calendar.

2. College Fee
All registered students at the University pay a College Fee. The College Fee supports the Residence Societies, the Day Student Society, and the Wardroom/Day Students’ Lounge.

The greater portion of the College Fee is administered by the Student Residence Fund (for resident students), and the Day Student Society (for day students). The chief aim of the two Residence bodies in administering their portion of College Fees is for improvements in the amenities of the residences (especially in the common areas), and for events for resident members of King’s. The Day Student Society employs its portion of the fees for events for non-resident members of King’s, for improving the communication of College activities and events to day students, and for the subsidy of occasional meals in Prince Hall for day students. The rest of the College Fee goes toward the maintenance of the Wardroom/Day Students’ Lounge.

3. Athletics Fee
All full-time registered students are charged an Athletics Fee. All King’s students have access to athletic facilities at King’s, and in addition are entitled to membership at Dalplex and participation in Dalhousie intramurals and club activities (with some limited exceptions). For details, please consult the “Athletics” section in this calendar.

4. Facility Renewal Fee
All registered students at the University pay a Facility Fee to assist with deferred building maintenance.

5. Fitness Facility Renewal Fee
All full-time registered students are charged the Fitness Facility Renewal Fee to fund the fitness and recreation renewal project and, on an ongoing basis, continued renewal of Dalhousie University athletics and recreation facilities.

6. Foundation Year Course Fee
All students enrolled in the Foundation Year Program must pay a Course Fee, which includes the cost of the program Handbook.

7. Administration Fee
All registered students pay the Administration Fee which covers the following: Change from Credit to Audit, Confirmation of Enrolment, Confirmation of Fee Payment, Leave of Absence, Letter of Permission, Replacement Tax Receipt, and Transcripts (maximum of five requested at one time).

8. University Bus Pass (U-Pass) Fee
All eligible, full time registered students are charged for and receive a Metro-Transit bus pass (U-Pass).

9. Health Service Fee
All full-time registered students are charged the Health Service Fee. Students have access to wellness services including health, counselling, and psychological services.

10. King’s Student Union Health and Dental Plan Fee
All King’s students are covered by the King’s Students’ Union (KSU) Health and Dental Care Plan. The Health Care Plan supplements, not replaces, the provincial health care plan which covers Canadian students. Please contact the KSU for complete details.

Students are required to pay the KSU Health and Dental plan fees by the Fall term due date. Students who have existing supplementary coverage may opt out of the KSU Health and Dental Care Plan by providing proof of equivalent coverage by the Fall term tuition and fee due date. A credit entry will be made to your student account that will be applied to tuition and fees for the Winter term. For more information on how to opt out, please refer to www.ksu.ca.

11. International Student Fees

International Health Plan Fee
International students will be charged for an International Student Health Insurance Plan when they register. Fees can be found online at ukings.ca. As the plan is mandatory, it is automatically charged to one’s student account. Students who can provide proof of equivalent coverage in a recognized hospital/medical insurance plan may opt out of this plan prior to the Fall term tuition and fee due date. More details on the international student health plan costs and opt out process can be found at www.studentvip.ca.

International Tuition Fee
Students registering in programs at the University of King’s College who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents are also required to pay the “International Tuition Fee.” The International Tuition Fee can be found online at ukings.ca. There is a proportional charge for part-time international students. If a student receives landed immigrant status, the International Tuition Fee will not be assessed for the current term and beyond. To process a retroactive reimbursement of the International Tuition Fee in a current term, proof of residency must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office prior to the last working business day of December, April or August for each term.

Residence Fees

General Information
The University of King’s College offers a variety of housing options, along with several meal plan choices. A complete breakdown of relevant residence fees may be found online at ukings.ca.

First year students applying for residence accommodations are responsible for payment of three separate fees:

Fee # 1. $50.00 Application Fee (non-refundable)

Fee # 2. $200.00 Admission Deposit: requested by the Registrar’s Office. This non-refundable deposit verifies for the Residence Office that you will be studying at King’s.

Fee # 3. $400.00 Room Confirmation Deposit: This non-refundable fee will reserve your space in residence. Once this final fee has been received you will be assigned a residence room, depending upon the availability of residence space. If residence has been filled, students will be placed on a waitlist. If a room does not become available, the $400 confirmation deposit will be refunded or credited to your student account.

All deposits and fees are to be paid to the University of King’s College and not Dalhousie University. Residence is filled on a first come, first-served basis. The application fee and room confirmation deposit should be paid as quickly as possible. Students are required to leave residence each term within twenty-four hours after their last scheduled exam or academic commitment. Students may be permitted to occupy a room after this time at the discretion of the Dean of Students. For charges and conditions, students should consult with the Dean of Students and the King’s Student Accounts Office. For information on dates, see “Residence Dates”.

All residence students must have a residence meal plan.

Residence students who are not registered at the University of King’s College will be charged the University Athletic Fee and College Fee per term and should consult with the King’s Student Accounts Office for options regarding term invoices and payment of residence fees.

The Student agrees to remain in residence for the duration of the academic year as set out in the Academic Calendar. Any Student who wishes to leave residence during the academic year will be held responsible for their residence fees for the full academic year, or until a replacement acceptable to the University is found. Early withdrawal may be granted in the event that the Student graduates, undertakes a co-op placement, internship or practicum required for academic purposes outside the metro area, or is unable to continue in residence for other reasons acceptable to the University. The University shall have sole discretion in determining what constitutes valid grounds for early withdrawal from residence. It is the Student’s responsibility to provide written notification to the Residence Office that they will not be remaining in residence for the full academic year at least two weeks prior to their departure from residence. Students who wish to live in residence for only one term must indicate this intention when completing the residence application. Withdrawal granted on medical grounds must be substantiated by medical documentation within one (1) calendar month after the date of withdrawal.

An additional administrative fee of $175.00 will be levied in the case of early withdrawal from an assigned room.

Students can contact the King’s Student Accounts Office to obtain an account balance.

Student Status
King’s students must be enrolled as a student in good standing at the University to live in the University residence. If the Student’s university enrolment is terminated for any reason by the University, their Residence Agreement is also terminated, and they will need to leave residence within twenty-four hours of the date upon which they are no longer enrolled.

Failure to Pay Residence Fees
Residence fees must be paid by the term due date. Failure to do so will see late fees and interest charges applied to delinquent accounts.

No student may return to residence in the Winter term until Fall term residence charges are fully paid, including all applicable late fees and interest charges. If fees have not been paid, the student’s account will be in arrears until all charges have been paid or in the case of residence withdrawal, until a replacement is found who is acceptable to the University.

Expulsion from Residence
Students evicted from residence remain responsible for residence fees for the duration of the academic year.

Caution Deposit
A caution deposit of $300.00 will be charged to each student who lives in residence. It will be payable with the first installment of residence fees. Students are responsible for the condition of their room and for all damages that occur within their assigned space. Caution deposits will be held until room checks have been fully completed by the University. Students whose rooms are in good standing will have their caution deposit credited back to their student account.

Gown Deposit
Residence students will receive an academic gown upon their arrival to residence. Non-residence students may, upon presentation of their student identification card, obtain an academic gown from the Front Desk of Alexandra Hall, weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Residence students pay a $100 gown deposit with the first instalment of their residence fees. Of this deposit, $90 is credited back to the students account, $10 is withheld to cover the cost of dry cleaning.

Residence students will forfeit their $100.00 gown deposit if not returned by their residence check out date (or by the close of residence at end of term). Non-residence students will be charged a $100.00 fee if their gown is not returned by the date and time stated to them at the time of gown sign-out.

Room Keys and Smart Cards

Students who fail to return their room keys and/or their access cards by their check out date (or by the close of residence at end of term) will be charged a corresponding replacement fee.

Deposit Refunds
The caution and gown deposits are credited to a student’s account in late May. Students who have an overall credit can request a refund by contacting the King’s Student Accounts Office in June.


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