Resources and Services


University Chaplain

Priest-in-Charge of the King’s Chapel

Ranall Ingalls, PhD (Llanbedr)


Location:                             Main floor, King’s A & A Building

Telephone:                       (902) 422-1271, ext. 140




The Chaplain at University of King’s College is always available for students not only to discuss matters of faith, spirituality and integrity, but more fundamentally to support each student at King’s to be successful in their academic, social and personal pursuits. Such support can take many forms according to the particular circumstances of the student.

The King’s Chaplain oversees the very diverse student activities at King’s Chapel, mostly student led – lots of prayer, worship and community social outreach designed for persons of all faiths or none. Visit to learn more.

The University Chaplain also can link students with faith groups within Halifax. As a member of the Dalhousie University Multi-Faith Centre, the King’s Chaplain is the Anglican representative on a team that includes chaplains from traditions including Bahá’í, Hindu, Orthodox Jewish, Conservative Jewish, Engaged Buddhist, Muslim, Baptist Christian, Christian Reformed, Roman Catholic Christian, Lutheran Christian, and United Church Christian.


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