The Board of Governors is the governing body of the University. It consists of the Chancellor of the University; the President; the Vice-President; the Treasurer of the Board; the Secretary of the Board; the Bishop of Nova Scotia; the Bishop of Fredericton; four members elected by the Diocese of Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island and the Diocese of Fredericton; the President of the Alumni Association; three members elected by the Alumni Association; four members elected by the Faculty, the President of the King’s Students’ Union; two members elected by the King’s Students’ Union; and not more than eight co-opted members. The members of the Board select a Chair from the Board’s membership. The Governors have the management of the funds and property of the College, the responsibility to approve the policies under which the university is governed and administered, and the power of appointment of The President, Professors and officials. The Board appoints an Executive Committee.

Convocation consists of the Chancellor and the President and Vice-Chancellor, together with: all Bachelors of Divinity and Masters and Doctors of the University; all members of the Board of Governors of the University excepting undergraduate members; all current members of the King’s Faculty and Inglis Professors; all other Bachelors of the University of five years’ standing; and Fellows of the University. All degrees are conferred by Convocation. Convocation decides on the conferral of honorary degrees from those recommended for consideration by the Honorary Degrees Committee. It appoints the Clerk of Convocation and the Public Orator of the University.


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