Officers of the University 2021/22

Board of Governors

Ms. Debra Deane Little
Mr. Douglas G. Ruck
      Chair of the Board
Dr. Gwendolyn Davies
      Vice-Chair of the Board
Prof. William Lahey
      President and Vice-Chancellor
Dr. Sarah Clift
Ms. Katrina Beach
Ms. Jennifer Gray

Diocesan Representatives
The Most Reverend David Edwards (Fredericton)
The Right Reverend Sandra Fyfe (Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island)
Dr. Gwendolyn Davies (Fredericton)
Dr. Laurelle LeVert (Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island)
Ms. Naomi Rosenfeld (Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island)
Mr. Hugh Wright (Fredericton)

Alumni Association Representatives
Ms. Stephanie McGrath
Mr. Stuart Pattillo
Mr. Paul Thomson
      Past-President, Alumni Association
Mr. Ian Whytock
      President, Alumni Association

Faculty Representatives
Dr. Daniel Brandes
Dr. Dorota Glowacka
Prof. Kathryn Morris
Prof. Kelly Toughill

Student Union Representatives
Nick Harris
      President, King’s Students’ Union
Tessa Hill
Miriam MacQuarrie

Co-opted Members
Mr. Bernard Doucet
Mr. Tom Eisenhauer
Supt. Don MacLean
Ms. Catherine Martin
Ms. Alex McCann
Ms. Stephanie McGrath
Ms. Adrienne Malloy
Mr. Douglas Ruck

Non-Voting Members
Ms. Adriane Abbott
      Director of Advancement
Ms. Julie Green
Ms. Bonnie Sands
Ms. Katie Merwin
      Dean of Students

Executive Committee
The Chair of the Board
The Vice-Chair of the Board
The President and Vice-Chancellor
The Vice-President
The Treasurer
The Secretary
The President, Alumni Association
The President, King’s Students’ Union
Adrienne Malloy (Board Representative)
Vacant (Board Representative)
Kelly Toughill (Faculty Representative)
Hugh Wright (Diocesan Representative)
The Bursar (non-voting)
The Registrar (non-voting)
Director, Advancement (non-voting)
The Dean of Students (non-voting)


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