VIII. Prizes

The Norah and Alban Bate Prize 
An in-course open scholarship used to recognize the standing of a top student.

Sir John William Dawson Essay Prize in Science and Religion 

This prize, made possible by a grant from the Templeton Foundation, is for the best essay written during an academic year in the science and religion courses (either HSTC 3201/EMSP 3201 Historical Perspectives in the Fall term or HSTC 3201/CTMP 3201 Contemporary Perspectives in the Winter term). Sir William Dawson, a native of Nova Scotia, was an educator who taught for a short time at Dalhousie College before going on to become the leading Canadian scientist of his age. He wrote prolifically on both science and religion separately, as well as the relation between the two. He was the author of Acadian Geology (1855) and, from 1855 until 1893, was Principal of McGill University, which he transformed into a leading scientific institution. Dawson was also instrumental in the foundation of the Royal Society of Canada, becoming its first President (1882-83).

Essay Prize in Science Fiction Film:

Established in 2016, this prize is for the best essay written in Science Fiction in Film (HSTC2500.03).

The Beatrice E. Fry Memorial Prize 

Established by the Diocesan Board of the W.A. of the Diocese of Nova Scotia, in memory of Miss Beatrice E. Fry. Awarded to the female student with the best standing in an introductory English course.

Dr. Kathleen Margaret (Peggy) Heller Memorial Foundation Year Prize 

Established by the family, friends and colleagues of Dr. Kathleen Margaret (Peggy) Heller in memory of her considerable dedication and contributions to the students and the curriculum of the Foundation Year Program at King’s. The Prize is awarded annually to the student with the highest marks in the Foundation Year Program.

The Lawson Prize 

Established by the Hon. Ray Lawson, Chancellor of the University from 1948 to 1956, this prize is for the student who shows the greatest progress between first and second year.

The Dr. Jim MacNeill Memorial Award in Journalism 

Established by the family and friends of Jim MacNeill, DCL ’98, in recognition of his contribution to journalism and of his support for the King’s School of Journalism and its students, this award is bestowed annually during Encaenia to a deserving graduating journalism student who epitomizes the skills and dedications to the principles of public service journalism practised by MacNeill during his lifetime.

Dr. Rowland Marshall History of Science and Technology Essay Prize in Ecology and Environment 

Dr. Rowland Marshall, friend of the University of King’s College, established the Rowland Marshall HOST Essay Prize to celebrate the best essay written in ecology and environment. To qualify for consideration for the prize, the paper must be written for either Engineering the Planet: the Anthropocene Era, from Prehistory to Today’s Global Crisis (HSTC2210.03), Ecology and Religion (HSTC3203.03) or Environmentalism: origins, ideals and critique (HSTC2206.03/2209.03)

M. Grace Wambolt Law Study Award 

This fund commemorates M. Grace Wambolt, QC, DCnL’86, the first woman appointed King’s/Queen’s Counsel east of Ontario and the first woman to serve the people of Nova Scotia for over 50 years in the active practice of law. This award is presented to a graduating King’s student, chosen on the basis of academic merit, leadership capacity and any required admission test score, who is accepted to study law at Dalhousie Law School or Oxford University.


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