University Regulations

3. Official Examination Regulations

1. Candidates will not be admitted to the Examination Room more than thirty minutes after the beginning of the examination. Candidates will not be permitted to leave the examination within the first thirty minutes.

2. Candidates are required to present their valid King’s / Dal ID card at all examinations scheduled during the official examination periods and sign the signature list when used.

3. No articles such as books, papers, etc. may be taken into the examination room unless provision has been made by the examiner for reference books and materials to be allowed to the students. All electronic computing, data storage, electronic dictionary and communication devices must be turned off, placed and sealed in the opaque storage bag on the exam writing surface. Calculators may be used at the discretion of the instructor.

4. Candidates may not leave their seats during an examination except with the consent of the invigilator.

5. If more than one examination book is used, the total number should be marked in the space provided. The other books should be properly marked and placed inside the first book. All books supplied must be returned to the invigilator.

6. Candidates found communicating with one another in any way or under any pretext whatever, or having unauthorized books, papers, electronic computing, data storage, or communications devices in their possession, even if their use be not proved, will be investigated by the Chief Invigilator. A written report will be submitted to the Faculty Academic Integrity Officer.

7. After the first thirty minutes have elapsed, students may hand in their examination book(s) to an invigilator and quietly leave the examination room. Candidates may not leave the examination room during the last fifteen minutes of the examination.


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