Neil Hooper, BA, MPE

Telephone:                                             (902) 422-1270, ext. 133


Athletics Coordinator

Trish Miles

Telephone:                                             (902) 422-1270, ext. 219


The Department of Athletics is an integral part of campus life at King’s. We provide an all-inclusive facility and offer both competitive and recreational sporting outlets.

The King’s gymnasium boasts one of the best hardwood surfaces in the province, a state of the art dance studio, a cardio room and a weight room. The dance studio is ideal for a range of activities, including yoga, dance and self-defence courses. The weight room has a variety of free weights to suit all needs and the cardio room offers all the standard machines. Students have access to all of these amenities whenever they are available.

All King’s students also have access to the newly renovated and rebuilt Dalplex, Dalhousie’s sports complex. They also have access to Dalhousie’s intramural and club activities, with a few minor exceptions. A detailed list of what is offered each year is available on the King’s website at UKC Athletics also provides employment opportunities for close to thirty students through gym staff, minor officials, and webcast broadcasting opportunities.

The Department of Athletics is continuing to work on our Health and Wellness initiative. We recognize the importance of living a well-balanced lifestyle and want to help educate and provide a comfort level to all students. This initiative will include informative sessions about nutrition, fitness, finances and overall wellbeing. This will be available to the entire student body and it will be our goal to create a welcoming, all-inclusive environment.

For the varsity athlete, King’s offers one of Nova Scotia’s best opportunities for those who wish to combine the pursuit of academic excellence with an equal commitment to their chosen sport. King’s affords the student athlete a unique environment in which to enjoy a close-knit community atmosphere coupled with challenging athletic competition. The University is a member of both the Atlantic Collegiate Athletic Association and the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association. Varsity teams compete in soccer, rugby, badminton, basketball and volleyball (women’s only).

The King’s Athletics Department strives to create a dynamic opportunity for the student who wishes to remain involved in athletics and fitness after completing high school. From Varsity to recreational programs, the College offers a surprisingly wide range of exciting and enjoyable activities from which to choose. UKC Athletics aims to provide an inclusive environment for all.

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