University Regulations

I. General

1. In relation to the College of Arts & Science, the President of the University of King’s College is charged with the internal regulations of the University, including all matters relating to academic affairs and discipline, subject to the approval of the Board of Governors. Within the general policies approved by the Faculty and Board of Governors of the University of King’s College, academic requirements are administered by the Faculty or School concerned.

2. All students must agree to obey all the regulations of the University already made or to be made. Students must also comply with the regulations of the Faculty in which they are registered, and pay the required fees and deposits before entering any course or taking any examinations. Additionally, students are advised that this Calendar is not an all-inclusive set of rules and regulations but represents only a portion of the rules and regulations that will govern the student’s relationship with the University. Other rules and regulations are contained in additional publications that are available to the student from the Registrar’s Office and/or the relevant Faculty, Department or School.

3. Students are bound by the regulations of the Faculty in which they are registered regardless of the Faculty in which the student takes courses.

4. Students should be aware that certain courses at the University involve required laboratory work where potentially hazardous materials are in use. These may include animals, other biological materials which may include crops and products, tissues, fluids, wastes, but also microorganisms and toxins as well as a wide variety of chemicals. Examples of physical hazards may include noise, radioactive isotopes and non-ionizing radiation (e.g. lasers). Since there are potential health risks associated with the improper handling of such materials resulting in exposure, King’s / Dalhousie require that, as a condition of taking a course where such materials are to be used, students must read and agree to comply with the instructions for the safe handling of such materials. In the event that students do not comply with the instructions for the safe handling of such materials, students will receive no credit for the required laboratory work unless other acceptable alternatives are arranged with the instructor. In many cases, alternate arrangements are not possible and students should consider enrolling in a different course.


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