III. Entrance Bursaries and Awards

King’s offers several bursaries, available to first-year students who receive government student loans. If planning to apply for a government student loan, it is important to declare this on your application for admission. Financial need information will be confirmed by student loan documentation in the Fall.

BMO Residence Bursary 

Established by the BMO Financial Group in 2007, this bursary provides students with financial assistance that enables participation in the residence community. The recipient will be entering first year at King’s, have an average of 80% and be eligible for Canada Student Loans.

Charles Robert Raefe Douthwaite Bursaries 

Established by a bequest from the Estate of Jen M. Douthwaite in loving memory of her husband, these bursaries provide for students graduating from Nova Scotia high schools who are in financial need and are in good academic standing. These bursaries may be renewable.

Sarah Dubé Award: 

In recognition of the enjoyment she took from her education at King’s, proud alumna Sarah Dubé, BA(Hons)’11, created this award through a thoughtful legacy gift arranged in her will. It is given annually to a student entering the Foundation Year Program who has demonstrated academic achievement and financial need.

CIBC Entrance Bursary 

Established by CIBC in 2006 in recognition of the important role the study of the history and philosophy of science will play in our continued understanding of the world.

General Motors Entrance Bursary 

The purpose of this bursary program is to encourage students to come to King’s who might not otherwise do so because of financial constraints. To be considered for this bursary, a student must be entering the first year of university studies and be eligible to receive a government student loan.

Sylvia D. Hamilton Awards: 

Established by the University to honour Professor Sylvia Hamilton upon her retirement in 2020, the Sylvia D. Hamilton Awards are valued at $2,020 per year and are renewable for the duration of the degree (at full-time enrolment). The award is open to African Canadian students, with a preference for students from Nova Scotia, enrolled in any program, graduate and undergraduate, with a preference for Journalism and MFA students. Students must meet academic entrance qualifications and have stated financial need. Five new Sylvia D. Hamilton Awards are available annually. To be considered for this award, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

Mary Beth Harris Entrance Bursary: 

Mary Beth Harris, BA‘54, held a lifelong devotion to books and reading. Upon her death, Mary Beth made a gift through her will to benefit students enrolled in the Foundation Year Program at the University of King’s College. This bursary is open to any student in the Foundation Year Program with demonstrated financial need.

International Student Awards 

The University of King’s College encourages diversity of our student body. In light of this, an International Student Award account has been established to facilitate the gathering and dispersing of raised funds in support of international students at the College. Students must be registered full-time in a degree program at King’s.

Margaret and Wallace Towers Bursary 

Established by Dr. Donald R. Towers, DCL’63, in memory of his mother and father. This bursary, tenable for four years, is open to a student of high academic standing entering the University to study Arts or Science and who is a resident or a descendant of residents of Charlotte County, New Brunswick or Washington County, Maine. Failing any qualified applicants from these counties in any one year, the bursary for that year only will become available to a student who originates from anywhere outside the Maritime Provinces of Canada. The holder must live in residence.


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