Residence Staff

Each Residence Bay and Floor has a live-in don who is responsible for supporting approximately 25 students. The dons organize social and educational Residence events and receive special training to provide support, mentorship and initial crisis response for students.

Junior dons are senior undergrads in Residence and work with the Residence dons to support other student initiatives on campus and provide peer mentorship within our residential community. Junior Dons encourage students to uphold community standards and promote a safe and supportive environment through peer mentorship. Professional security also monitor campus after regular business hours and weekends.

The Assistant Dean of Residence oversees residence life at King’s and is available to residence students for help and support. The Assistant Dean provides general guidance and mentorship to the students living in residence, and can refer students to a whole variety of professional supports, such as academic advising or health and counselling services. The Assistant Dean lives on campus, and has an office located in Alex Hall. Either the Assistant Dean or Dean of Students is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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