University Regulations

4. Policy in the Event that a Formal Examination Cannot be Completed at the Regularly Scheduled Time

Formal examinations, up to three hours in length, are scheduled by the Dalhousie Registrar each December and April during formal examination periods, as laid out in the Calendar. If, in the unusual event that one of these examinations must be postponed or abandoned at short notice, the following policies will apply.

1. If more than 50 percent of the time allocated for the examination has elapsed, students’ work up to the premature end of the examination, but prorated for the actual time written, will lead to the mark to be obtained from the formal examination.

2. If less than 50 percent of the time allocated for any examination has elapsed, the examination will be rewritten as soon as possible, normally on a day when examinations are not scheduled. Students will be informed by the Registrar of the time and place of the rewrite on the Dalhousie Website of the Registrar (

3. In all cases in which a formal examination cannot be written at its scheduled time and special arrangements must be made, it is essential that faculty ensure that all students in the course are treated fairly and equitably and according to the evaluative criteria in the course description given to students at the beginning of the term.

If an examination is terminated as under point #1, any student who feels disadvantaged by not having been able to write an examination for the length specified in the course description, may appeal through the appropriate departmental or school appeal mechanism for an examination of the specified length. Appeals will be in writing and in a timely fashion. If the appeal is granted, arrangements for such a make-up examination will be made between the student and the course professor.

4. If a formal examination cannot be written at its scheduled time, it is the responsibility of students to check the Dalhousie website at for when the examination will be rewritten. Announcements will be made as soon as possible after the original time, normally within 24 hours, and rewrites will normally take place within the regular examination period.


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