University Regulations

13. Discipline

1. Members of the University, both students and staff, are expected to comply with the general laws of the community, within the University as well as outside it.

2. Alleged breaches of discipline relating to student activities under the supervision of the Dalhousie Student Union are dealt with by the Student Union. Alleged breaches of discipline relating to life in the residences are dealt with by the residence discipline policy unless the President determines that some non-residence University interests are involved. Senate is charged with the authority to deal with cases of alleged academic offenses (see examples in Section 12 Intellectual Honesty), as well as with certain other offenses that are incompatible with constructive participation in an academic community.

3. On report of a serious breach of the law, or a serious academic offence deemed by the President, or in their absence by a Vice- President or the Dean of a Faculty, to affect vital University interests, a student involved may be temporarily suspended and denied admission to courses or to the University by the President, Vice-President or Dean, but any suspension shall be reported to the Senate, together with the reasons for it, without delay.

4. No refund of fees will be made to any student required to lose credit for any course taken, required to withdraw or who is suspended or dismissed from any course or any Faculty of the University.


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