Officers of the University 2022/23

Officers of Administration

Officers of Administration

William Lahey, BA, BA (Juris), LLM
President and Vice-Chancellor

Sarah Clift, BA, MA, PhD

Dr. Jennifer Andrews BA, MA, PhD
Acting Dean of Arts and Social Sciences

Charles L.B. Macdonald, BSc, PhD
Dean of Science

Fred Vallance-Jones, BJ, MEd
Director, School of Journalism

Daniel Brandes, BA, MA, PhD
Director, Foundation Year

Stephen Boos, BA, MA, PhD
Director, Contemporary Studies

Kathryn Morris, BA, PhD
Director, Early Modern Studies

Kyle Fraser, BA, MA, MPhil, PhD
Director, History of Science and Technology

Bonnie Sands, CPA, CA

Julie Green, BA, MEd

Katie Merwin, BA, MA, MSC
Dean of Students

Neil A. Hooper, BA, MPE
Director of Athletics

Tracy Lenfesty, BA, MLIS

Ranall Ingalls, BA, MA, MDiv, PhD

Adriane Abbott, BFA
Director of Advancement

Officers of Convocation
Debra Deane Little, BA, BEd, MA

William Lahey, BA, BA (Juris), LLM
President and Vice-Chancellor

Thomas Curran, BA, MA, MTS, PhD
Clerk of Convocation

Peter O’Brien, BA, MA, MA, PhD
Public Orator

Past Chancellors of the University
Very Rev. Edwin Gilpin, DD, DCL, 1891-1897
Edward Jarvis Hodgson, DCL, 1897-1911
Sir Charles J. Townshend, DCL, 1912-1922
Most Rev. John Hackenley, DD, 1937-1943
Hon. Ray Lawson, OBE, LLD, DCnL, 1948-1956
Lionel Avard Forsyth, QC, DCL, 1956-1957
H. Ray Milner, QC, DCnL, DCL, LLD, 1957-1963
Robert H. Morris, MC, BA, MD, FACS, 1964-1969
Norman H. Gosse, MD, CM, DSc, DCL, LLD, FACS, FRCS(C), 1971-1972
Hon. Justice R.A. Ritchie, DCL, LLD, 1974-1988
G. Hamilton Southam, OC, BA, LLD, DCL, DU, 1988-1996
Hon. J. Trevor Eyton, OC, QC, BA, LLB, LLD, 1996-2001
Hon. Michael A. Meighen, QC, BA, LIL, LID, 2001-2013
Hon. Kevin Lynch, PC, OC, 2013-2018

Past Presidents and Vice-Chancellors of the University
Rev. Dr. William Cochran, 1789-1804
Rev. Thomas Cox, 1804-1805
Rev. Dr. Charles Porter, 1805-1836
Rev. Dr. George McCawley, 1836-1875
Rev. Dr. John Dart, 1875-1885
Rev. Dr. Isaac Brock, 1885-1889
Rev. Dr. Charles E. Willetts, 1889-1904
Dr. Ian Hannah, 1904-1906
Rev. Dr. C.J. Boulden, 1906-1909
Rev. Dr. T.W. Powell, 1909-1914
Rev. Dr. Charles E. Willets (Acting), 1914-1916
Rev. Dr. T.S. Boyle, 1916-1924
Rev. Dr. A.H. Moore, 1924-1937
Rev. Dr. A. Stanley Walker, 1937-1953
Rev. Dr. H.L. Puxley, 1954-1963
Dr. H.D. Smith, 1963-1969
Dr. F. Hilton Page (Acting), 1969-1970
Dr. J. Graham Morgan, 1970-1977
Dr. John F. Godfrey, 1977-1987
Dr. Marion G. Fry, 1987-1993
Dr. Colin Starnes, 1993-2003
Dr. William Barker 2003-2011
Dr. Anne Leavitt 2011-2012
Dr. George Cooper 2012-2016


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