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Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


Marion McCain Arts and Social Sciences Building
6135 University Avenue
Room 3030
P.O. Box 15000
Halifax, NS  B3H 4R2

Phone: (902) 494-1440
Fax: (902) 494-1957


I. Introduction

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences includes humanities, social sciences, languages, and performing arts. Within the Faculty’s departments and interdisciplinary programs, you can get involved in music and theatre at a professional level. Or you can find out how to do social surveys or archival research. Try out your language-learning abilities in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, or maybe Hebrew, Latin or Greek. Study abroad for a term or a year, and you will develop your skills in cross-cultural interaction. Sharpen your reasoning powers and writing skills by taking literature and philosophy courses that teach advanced levels of reading and analysis.

By exploring various academic disciplines, you’ll find that your curiosity about the world and your hopes of a career can be fulfilled in many different ways. You may find that a particular discipline exactly suits your needs. Or you may want to design a course of studies that engages you in a wider variety of departments and programs. You may find everything you need within the disciplines grouped in this Faculty. Or perhaps you will seek out the programs that combine this Faculty’s offerings with ones from other Faculties. Professors and administrators, advisors and instructors, will all help to guide you as you choose courses and programs. Our goal is to help you to see differently, and to see your way to a bright future!

II. Departments, Schools and Programs of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

A. Departments and Programs
• Arabic
• Canadian Studies
• Chinese (Mandarin)
• Classics
• Contemporary Studies
• Costume Studies, Fountain School of Performing Arts
• Creative Writing
• Early Modern Studies
• English
• Environment, Sustainability and Society
• European Studies
• Film Studies, Fountain School of the Performing Arts
• French
• Gender and Women’s Studies
• German
• History
• History of Science and Technology
• Indigenous Studies
• International Development Studies
• Italian Studies
• Law, Justice and Society
• Music, Fountain School of Performing Arts
• Philosophy
• Political Science
• Religious Studies
• Russian Studies
• Sociology and Social Anthropology
• Spanish and Latin American Studies
• Theatre, Fountain School of Performing Arts

B. Interdisciplinary Minors based in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
• American Studies
• Black and African Diaspora Studies
• Film Studies
• Health Studies
• Indigenous Studies
• Latin American Studies
• Law, Justice and Society
• Medieval Studies
• Middle East Studies
• Popular Culture Studies
• Security Studies

C. Minors based in other Faculties open to students registered in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
• Business
• Community Design
• Computer Science
• Geography
• Informatics
• Journalism Studies

For full departmental listings, program details and course descriptions for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, please consult the current Dalhousie University Undergraduate Calendar.


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