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International Learning Experiences

Location:                         International Centre,  Suite 1200, 1246 LeMarchant Place

Telephone:                     (902) 494-1566



Dalhousie University and University of King’s College are committed to providing international mobility opportunities for all students. International exchange, study abroad programs, field courses and other international learning experiences are offered and supported through providing access to several funding programs, offering pre-departure information, and providing ongoing student and staff support. An advisor and peer supporters are available to meet on topics related to international learning.

For Students – begin a life of seizing opportunities!  International Learning Experiences are the next great opportunity in front of you. Take your education a step further by collaborating with scientists and specialists around the world, immersing yourself in new cultures and perspectives, and expanding your horizons.

Have questions about studying abroad? The ILE team is here to help. From deadlines and degrees to locations and logistics, the ILE team has answers to your questions.

King’s Specific Study Abroad Opportunities

Two of King’s upper year honours programs; Contemporary Studies and Early Modern Studies; offer summer study abroad field courses.  These courses include an Early Modern Studies course based in Florence and a Contemporary Studies course based in Berlin.  Check out to learn more!


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